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Open the clubface of R11 Driver

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Open the clubface of R11 Driver Empty Open the clubface of R11 Driver

Post by Market11 on Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:33 pm

Open the clubface of R11 Driver

You are not going to be able to completely stop the grass from grabbing the hosel which will cause the clubface to close. By opening the clubface some you will be able to help offset the effect the grass will have on the R11 Driver.
Grip the club tighter - We have been taught that having a light grip on the club allows for a more fluid swing. The opposite is true when playing a shot out of the deep rough. Because the grass will grab and twist the TaylorMade R11 Driver during the downswing, having a tighter grip on the R11 Driver is imperative to minimize the effect.
Cock your wrists - When playing out of the deep rough, you want to come down sharply to reduce the amount of time the clubface is in contact with the grass before striking the R11 Driver.
Playing out of the deep rough is never an easy. Next time you find yourself facing one of these tough shots, try these 5 free golf tips.

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