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How long does teeth whitening bleach last?

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How long does teeth whitening bleach last?

Post by zetabook52 on Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:15 am

How long does teeth whitening bleach last?

Smoking, drinking tea or coffee, improper brushing habits and even just natural ageing can all cause your teeth to become stained and discoloured. Healthy white teeth can make a real difference to your self-esteem, appearance and mood and remove any worries you may have about smiling or otherwise exposing your teeth. While quitting smoking, and refraining from drinking coffee and tea will prevent the build up of more stains, this will dental instruments not whiten your teeth. Regular and conscientious brushing can make a small difference, and is generally a good idea for the health of your teeth, but it will not cause the stains to disappear. Once stains have built up on your teeth, teeth whitening with a bleaching ultrasonic cleaner gel is one of the best ways to remove the discolouration and stains and restore natural, white, attractive teeth.
The length of time that your teeth will remain white after bleaching depends on various individual factors. Everyone's teeth are different. If the staining and discolouration of your teeth was caused by tea, coffee or smoking and you continue to do so after whitening, then a degree of staining can occur after only six months, although it is unlikely they will become as badly dental air polisher stained as before you used a teeth whitening bleach treatment.The most effective teeth bleaching systems use custom-made, closely fitting moulds of your teeth that hold a bleaching gel containing carbamide peroxide against your teeth. You wear the moulds twice a day for 40 minutes to one hour, depending on the strength of the gel. Some people will see results dental curing lights after only a few sessions, but on average, the whitening process will take three to four weeks to be fully complete. A higher concentration of bleaching agent in the gel will give faster results and is more suitable for those who have heavy amounts of staining and discolouration, but it will not make your teeth whiter than a lower strength gel. The gel simply removes stains and discolouration so that your teeth show their natural white colour.
It is likely that with good tooth hygiene including regular brushing, your teeth will remain noticeably lightened for between two and three years. If you dental burs are concerned about a recurrence of tooth stains and discolorations, you should probably opt for a tooth bleaching system that incorporates custom made moulds. These custom moulds will hold the gel evenly and closely to your teeth, giving more effective, consistent results. Should your teeth require re-bleaching, or a top-up, you can order more of the bleaching gel and remedy any new discolouration in the comfort of your own home.Obtaining such systems can be costly and dental equipment requires you to visit the dentist to make tooth impression and to pick up your moulds and gel. Those who have little time and wish to avoid the expense should consider a home teeth bleaching kit that provides a material to post back to the manufacturer who will make custom moulds of your teeth and provide the gel, thereby saving time and money.

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