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" Ways To Use Your Own Labels"

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" Ways To Use Your Own Labels"

Post by skyzxc on Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:49 pm

abcdefg0316 Number of people who praise the seven colors of the rainbow of colorful, beautiful fragrance of the number of people who praise epiphyllum oxypetalum; self-masturbation and how many people happy, and the number of people sharing pleasure of sexual intercourse. These so-called glory and happiness can last long, however, a few hours, several tens of minutes, it's only a few minutes, or even just dozens of seconds. Our University, the University examinations, University education and how it? there was much criticism of junior and senior high school education, belstaff the number of people who hate the University examinations, and number of persons who due to active indignation and dropped out of university education do they want to do and had also successfully. Today, we went to the University is finally really understand, really felt, really “ enjoy ”. Look, hard hardworking girls; see, be determined to learn the boys, we call them “ ”--Khan while sweating is also very strong. Number of &ldquo of absenteeism; traitor ”--because it is a rebellious, so we call them. &Amp;ldquo; &rdquo Khan; in belstaff sale order to get a scholarship, in order to qualify as graduate students, in order to join the Chinese Communist Party. &Amp;ldquo; a traitor ” some to skip class to work to make money, in order to enjoy the sex drive in love, sometimes “ ” run between the various associations and Student Union. &Amp;ldquo; &rdquo Khan; “ traitor ” they are busy for their own goals and interests, and shiftless. Eye exam to check students ' work days. &Amp;ldquo; &rdquo Khan; all the answers, and inspire confidence. Schadenfreude they dig at those belstaff 556 “ traitor ”: “ small yanger you finished, waiting for hanging!” “ traitor ” are Cavalier, virtual self-confidence, “ &rdquo Khan; psychological warfare. They eat sour grapes of grape, like: “ adhere to is victory!&rdquo, which can be just a few days before the exam, teacher and to learn from the monks, “ &rdquo of compassion; principles, not only to the disciples who drew the test, and art examination the original problem (but they didn't know). &Amp;ldquo; &rdquo Khan; but not rape, be thou, thinking with belstaff trialmaster our daily efforts have “ a copy of the work, a harvest ” it! so, on this topic the effect that paralyzed. &Amp;ldquo; a traitor ” mutiny architects siblings to find game Canon brother there: “ as long as the questions all of the art teacher, pass guarantee: no problem. &Amp;rdquo; exam last moment like lovers dating at the appointed time and place has emerged. Proctored teacher said: “ don't cheat, cheat, and success is cheating, once discovered will be severely punished, or at least staying in school to see. &Amp;rdquo; this belstaff 554 kinda scary, “ &rdquo Khan; rape, don't cheat. &Amp;ldquo; a traitor ” but thought it would not be a horse well! when you issue paper, all students are astonished, first heard “ wow!” then heard “ I-Halo!”“ Khan ”: “ to hang under this section. &Amp;rdquo;“ a traitor ”: “ now pass!”“ &rdquo Khan; brains, thinking hard, eventually not completed papers but too tired to trance. &Amp;ldquo; a traitor ” cake is done, and then “ smirk, smirk ”. And those questions belstaff motorcycle jackets will not readily grasp a paper such as “ &rdquo King of farting; ass just as easy. After the end of final exams, “ &rdquo Khan; they regret, even repentance; “ traitor ” is a fluke, or even happy. &Amp;ldquo; &rdquo Khan; uphold “ efforts of people, not ” “ God helps him who ” outdated policies, almost passed “ traitor ” pursues “ normally not burning incense, back answers to exams ” “ would rather not have personality, passing ” the times's approach can also be passed. belstaff leather jacket &Amp;ldquo; &rdquo Khan; usually all efforts were a Flash in the Pan at the examination room, after all, after a failed first. &Amp;ldquo; a traitor&Amp;rdquo; in the examination room is tasted too addicted to death, after all, it is also very satisfying! they are useless test yourself Flash in the Pan, they have to test yourself in this formalism to addiction, they give up the long-term interests of immediate benefits. They erase their personalities in order to useless things, they had destroyed in order to meet their talent, they cannot at a later date in order wax cotton jacket belstaff to pass at that time in the life of the exam. Perhaps some Mandarin does not pass the exam, but they speak Mandarin is standard; maybe some spoken English exam, but their spoken English very fluently; maybe some people thought of character does not pass the exam, but they were very thoughtful, and noble. Does exam pass of people on than exam does not pass of people of capacity strong? does exam does not pass of people of integrated quality on than exam pass of people of difference? does got has scholarship, got has diploma and degree card even various womens belstaff jackets certificate on can fine, mind? does this so-called of University excellent graduates on in yihou work and life in the is excellent? if is so, I wanted to this is University of unfortunately! education of unfortunately! times of unfortunately! if really can so, I wanted to this is University of failed! education of failed! I wanted to all are does not hope so, even is no culture of people, more alone we are is intellectuals. Therefore, I would like to relevant departments, agencies should carefully consider how to reform the education and even the education revolut

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