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PING G15 Driver for SALE

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PING G15 Driver for SALE

Post by Market11 on Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:46 pm

PING G15 Driver for SALE

Another funny type of novelty golf ball is the one which breaks into a billion pieces when hit with the golf club. Also, imagine how would PING G15 Driver feel if someone were to hit this other kind of normal looking novelty golf ball with full force, only to see color ribbons popping out! Good for a great laugh!
This one takes the crown and is my personal favorite among all the novelty balls available. It's called the "floater". How about hitting your golf ball into the waters and then seeing it popping up on surface for you to take your shot!
These were a few examples of the kind of novelty PING G15 Driver available in the market. Their ever rising popularity is not just with the golfers, but with everyone in general as they make an excellent and memorable gift.

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