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Kobe Bryant and the Will To Win[top-customized]

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Kobe Bryant and the Will To Win[top-customized]

Post by top-customized on Thu Mar 24, 2011 5:49 pm

I'll keep this article short and sweet, unlike the most recent game against Phoenix (although that game was pretty sweet too).
As I watched Kobe Bryant force the issue during several fourth-quarter possessions of the recent game against Portland, I couldn’t help but “Remember the Titans” during their own game.
For those of you who don’t know, "Remember the Titans" tells the story of a high school football team’s struggles with desegregation, and their journey to a perfect season. top-customized
During the state semifinals, white officials attempt to deprive the Titans of a perfect season by rigging the game. They refuse to call personal fouls against the opposing team, and call ticky-tack pass interference penalties against the Titans.
The Titans respond by letting the other team’s wide receivers catch the ball, and then tackling them hard enough to force fumbles. top-customized
As the Titans celebrate their victory, their white defensive coordinator stares down the officials as if to say: “Take that.”
Flash forward to Sunday’s nail-biter against the Blazers.
Kobe could not buy a call. Several times, I saw Kobe go up for a layup and get hacked. Several times, I saw Kobe vehemently yell in the direction of the officials. Several times, I thought the Blazers were going to get one foul shot and the ball out of bounds.
But then I remembered the Titans. top-customized
I saw Kobe Bryant play the most intense, playoff-inspired defense in a while—leading to a steal and a bucket for Kobe and an easy assist for Derek Fisher.
A minute later, I watched the same 34-year-old Fisher intercept a pass and take it coast to coast for a finger-roll layup.
I saw Kobe Bryant face up on Brandon Roy, skip the pump fake and drain a 10-footer from the baseline over an outstretched hand to put the Lakers up by four.
I then saw Kobe vehemently curse again (this time in slow motion) and yank at his jersey, as if to say: “Take that.” top-customized
And then I realized: The Lakers will give us something to remember in the Finals this season

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