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The Lakers and kobe Bryant look hungry

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The Lakers and kobe Bryant look hungry

Post by top-customized on Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:50 pm

Even though the Phoenix Suns came in with a mediocre 35-33 record and managed to rip through a 21-point deficit, the Lakers were dramatic, even convincing, with their win-at-all-costs mindset without Andrew Bynum.
Lakers 139, Phoenix 137, triple overtime. China
"My takeaway from all of that is the rest of the NBA needs to get ready," TNT analyst Chris Webber said. "We always talk about Kobe [Bryant] is old, we talk about everything else. You can talk about the roller coaster this year, but these guys are for real and the NBA needs to take note."
Lawrence Tanter sets the tone for the Lakers, and jazz station
When Bynum comes back Friday against the Clippers, he better expect to carry a huge burden. China
Odom played 55 minutes against Phoenix and wanted breakfast food afterward. Pau Gasol played 52 minutes. Bryant and Ron Artest each played 48. Derek Fisher played 46 minutes.
Odom had a right to be hungry. His playing time was the most for the Lakers since Nick Van Exel logged 56 minutes in a double-overtime victory over Sacramento in March 1995. China
Throughout the Lakers' locker room, fatigue battled satisfaction.
Bryant talked to the media long enough to express amusement at Artest's on-court antics and make a case for Odom as the NBA's top sixth man. Then he headed for the exit.
Photos: Lakers vs. Suns
Jackson seemed tired too, saying it was past his bedtime.
He was in playoff mode during the game, though, using only his five starters for the final 20 minutes and 24 seconds, including all three overtimes. No substitutes at all.
The game didn't want to end. The Lakers' season seems to be just beginning. China
"They're rolling," former Lakers forward Robert Horry said in a phone interview. "It's impressive that they've only lost one game since the All-Star break, especially since it's an old team like that jelling down the stretch. People don't realize it's hard to get motivated, it's hard to find the energy to get up for those [early-season] games, especially when you go so long the previous season." China
Horry was part of three Lakers championships in the early 2000s. He understood what Jackson was doing with the starters.

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