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How to Use Teeth Whitening Kits Yourself?

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How to Use Teeth Whitening Kits Yourself?

Post by zetabook52 on Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:12 am

How to Use Teeth Whitening Kits Yourself?

Clean white teeth have long been a sign of health and beauty. A smile can light up your entire face, and worries about unsightly or discoloured teeth can prevent you from making the best impression as well as causing stress and unhappiness. Unfortunately, many things in modern life can cause your teeth to become stained and discoloured, including dental instruments sugary foods, coffee, tea and smoking. Home teeth whitening kits can be an attractive option for those who cannot afford specialist dental equipment treatment or those who do not have the time to make several trips to the dentist. So, how do you use teeth whitening kits at home so that they are safe and effective?
The first thing that you need to successfully whiten your teeth at home is a set of tooth impressions that closely fit the unique shape of your teeth. When dental air polisher whitening teeth at home, you may be tempted to purchase a kit with preformed moulds. These will not fit your mouth as closely as custom made moulds, and hence will not be as effective or safe at whitening you teeth. The best kits include a special material which you press against your teeth to make a perfect impression. You then send this back to the ultrasonic cleaner provider who will make and send you custom made, perfectly fitting moulds for use with a bleaching gel.On receiving your custom moulds you then need to apply a special bleaching gel which is held against your teeth by the custom-fitted moulds. For most people, the standard strength of gel will work perfectly. This is normally around 22% dental curing lights strength and should be used twice a day for an hour at a time. For more heavily discoloured teeth, a stronger gel of around 35% strength may be more suitable. This gel only needs to be used for 40 minutes at a time, twice a day. The 35% gel will work faster, but both strengths are equally effective at whitening your teeth.
This is the same method that is used when a dentist uses bleach to whiten your teeth, except that as you do not have to pay the dentist for his time you save dental burs money and no longer have to take time out of your day for appointments.Ten years of testing by experts has found that there is no damage to tooth enamel or tooth structure from using bleaching gels, even if the gel is in contact with the tooth for several hours. Even fruit juice can damage enamel when it is in contact with the tooth, so it is clear that using custom moulds and bleaching gels is safe. There is also no danger of the bleach making your teeth "unnaturally" white, the bleach will only remove stains and discolouration.The best thing about using these custom moulds and gels at home is that you can easily re-use the moulds to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. You simply need to order more gel periodically to keep up the natural, white appearance.

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